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Fining focus on R&D, OEM and ODM of a full range of AC/DC power adapter, LED Driver power supply, waterproof power supply, PoE, PoE switch, etc.

Through nearly a decade of experience in designing the power supply, Fining is your outstanding choice and most reliable partner. Our factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. Every product has passed the most stringent ISO regulations in every aspect from design to production to ensure customers' satisfaction. Most of our products are certified with CE, FCC, ETL, UL, RoHS, SGS.
Fining is focus on leveraging its technology, research and development lead to bring competitive advantage to its partners.
In every stage of a product lifecycle, whether it is research & development, manufacturing, shipping, and handling, or after-service, Fining takes quality assurance and continuous improvement acti...
  • IEEE 802.3 is the standard that defines the physical layer of Ethernet cabling. It includes wire type, signal level and bandwidth in 2003, the standard was updated to include PoE IEEE 802.3af defines ...
  • A POE injector, which is also called as a “midspan,” injects power onto an Ethernet cable. Thus it combines power with data which is from a non-PoE switch or “endspan.” It has an external power s...
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also called PoE power supply. It is a technology that can transmit power and data to devices through Ethernet over twisted pair.Through this technology, devices such as Vo...
Customer Reviews
After we having sourced many companies, at last we chose Fining. Their quality and stability are beyond my expectation. I have to say Fining is a real trustworthy partner.
In the past three years, Fining’s products have been running steadily, and achieved its function excellently. We are satisfied with their profession and quality.
Their PoE system helped us save 18% electricity consumption, maintenance cost substantially. It’s a good number for cost containment.
Fining's power supply has reached the standard of Meanwell's products quality which we purchased before. While it has great advantages in procurement cost. We are very satisfied with its quality and good service.
Tell Us Your buy requirement We will give a custom quote according to your requirements! FINING can provide OEM and ODM services to worldwide partner and the main markets include America, Europe,South America, Middle East and Russia.
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