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Power Adapter

Power Adapter

Power adapter is a power transformer for small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances. It comes into being because in real life, electronic devices are often not able to directly use household electricity. Because the power supply voltage used in the home is 220 volts, while the power supply voltage for common electronic products is about 5 to 20 volts. So the role of the power adapter is critical (module power).

With it, we can use these electronic products conveniently and safely. You're all familiar with power adapters, because if you have a laptop, you need a power adapter. But the power adapter is not only used in laptop computers, its application range is very wide, so in what areas can the power adapter be used?

1. Electronic and digital products

Electronic and digital products have filled our life. The use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops is gradually increasing, this time, the use of power adapter is also increasing. It can be said that the market development of electronic and digital products has led to the development of the power adapter industry. Large user groups are the foundation of industrial development. In today's rapidly changing technology, explosive growth of various electronic products is bound to lead to the vigorous development of affiliated industries. As the foundation of these electronic products, the function of power adapter is irreplaceable.

2. Energy-saving lamps

With the implementation of the national energy saving and emission reduction policy, LED energy-saving lamps have been accepted by the majority of consumers, and their brightness and energy-saving effect are acceptable to people. In this case, the use of power adaption will be further increased. There are more than one billion people in China, whose lighting consumption is a huge number, and the use of power adapter is also very huge. It is doomed that the market of power adapter will expand with the continuous expansion of electronic products market, and the high-quality power adapter will become the first choice of consumers.

3. Industrial production

For many electronic devices, the normal voltage cannot be used, which must use a power adapter; LCD normal operation is also inseparable from the power adapter.
The above is just a part of the commonly used, power adapter can also be widely used in security cameras, set-top boxes, routers, lights, massage machines and other equipment. The application of such a wide range of power adapter, I believe that the prospect of development is very broad.