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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Mr. Victor, CTO, Brazil
    Mr. Victor, CTO, Brazil
    After we having sourced many companies, at last we chose Fining. Their quality and stability are beyond my expectation. I have to say Fining is a real trustworthy partner.
  • Mr. Hans, Purchasing Manager, German
    Mr. Hans, Purchasing Manager, German
    In the past three years, Fining’s products have been running steadily, and achieved its function excellently. We are satisfied with their profession and quality.
  • Mr. Roman, MD, Russia
    Mr. Roman, MD, Russia
    Their PoE system helped us save 18% electricity consumption, maintenance cost substantially. It’s a good number for cost containment.
  • Mr. Lucas, Director, UK
    Mr. Lucas, Director, UK
    Fining's power supply has reached the standard of Meanwell's products quality which we purchased before. While it has great advantages in procurement cost. We are very satisfied with its quality and good service.