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How to Choose Home AC Adapter Wall Plug and Socket for Newly Decorated Home?

How to Choose Home AC Adapter Wall Plug and Socket for Newly Decorated Home?

1. We must choose the AC adapter wall plugs manufactured by brands and regular manufacturers: When choosing household appliances, we always choose regular brand appliances manufactured by large manufacturers, but choosing small accessories such as socket plugs is perfunctory. In fact, socket plugs should also choose brand products.

2. We should select the appropriate products according to the power of the appliances used. Large household appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, electric heaters and other products should choose 16A AC plugs and sockets; Small electrical appliances such as soybean milk machine, induction cooker, electric kettle, etc. can use 10A plug socket.

3. The product logo should be complete: no matter what brand or manufacturer's AC plugs, we should check whether there are safety certification marks (such as CCC markers made in China). If there is no label on the product, then the product must be fake and inferior, or the product quality is unreliable, without the necessary quality testing, the quality of the product will naturally not be guaranteed.

4. Inspection of product qualification certificate:
Every product manufactured by a regular manufacturer must have a product certificate in the packaging box. When choosing and purchasing, we should check the certificate report and certificate issued by the statutory inspection organization.

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