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How to Choose PoE Splitter?

How to Choose PoE Splitter?

With the maturity of PoE power supply technology and its wide application, such as Shenzhen Fining Electronics Co., Ltd., specializing in the supply of PoE equipment, its PoE power supply has good performance, with 30W, 45W, 60W, standard IEEE802.3at/3af+PoE power supply, to provide protection for electrical equipment.

How to select high power PoE splitter

1. Determine the working voltage value of the power equipment and see if the output voltage value of the high-power PoE splitter is consistent with the voltage value of the power equipment.

2. Confirm the consistency of the network data transmission rate of the receiving equipment with the high-energy PoE splitter. For the 10/100/1000M network receiving equipment, the selected PoE splitter should also support the transmission rate of gigabit.

3. Confirm that the power of the receiving equipment does not exceed the maximum transmission power requirement of Ethernet.

4. Verify whether the selected PSE power supply sequence (457 8 and 1236) is consistent with the receiving sequence of the PoE splitter.

5. Verify whether the positive and negative polarity of the voltage output DC head of the PoE splitter (positive and negative in 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC) is consistent with the input condition of the power supply of the receiving equipment.

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