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Something about PoE: How to Distinguish Common Switches from PoE Switches

Something about PoE: How to Distinguish Common Switches from PoE Switches

To judge whether a switch is a general switch or a PoE switch, the method is simple. It can be judged by the naked eye from the appearance of the product.

1. Look at product labels
Regular manufacturer's products will have product labels, generally at the bottom of the product. If you read the product information on the label carefully, you can judge one or two. Look at the product name and the naming composition of the product model. Generally speaking, brand manufacturers have P in their models of POE switches.

2. Look at the switch panel
If the information above is not on the bottom label, you can view the panel. Some brands print the name and model of the switch on the panel PVC, and the LED indicator on the panel often carries the PoE logo.

3. Look at Power Supply Parameters
The power adapters of POE switches with external power supply are often marked with detailed parameters. Judging from the supply voltage, if it is 48V, it is a PoE switch, and if it is 9V/12V, it is usually a normal switch.

Stay away from non-standard PoE products

In many cases, in order to save the cost, users will use non-standard PoE products in the second place, and the result will often be gratuitous. Because the power supply mechanism of non-standard products has no protective effect on the electrical equipment, the burning of terminal equipment happens from time to time, which saves the initial engineering cost, but greatly increases the later maintenance cost.

It can be said that all standard PoE products manufactured by regular manufacturers will not "burn out terminals" under normal operation of equipment. Many people don't know much about PoE, so it is unscientific to argue that PoE is unstable and easy to burn equipment. It is suggested that we should use non-standard PoE products carefully to create a safe and stable network power supply environment.

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