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How to Select a Supplier for Power Adapter Customization? Teach you how to Select with CCTV.

How to Select a Supplier for Power Adapter Customization? Teach you how to Select with CCTV.

How to select suppliers for power adapter customization?

It's a really thoughtful question. If you don't have a clue, let's take a look here to help you quickly narrow down and find your own power adapter supplier.

1. Selection by supplier size (capacity)
The size of power adapter suppliers is one of the most practical performances. It mainly depends on sales, production capacity, company site size, number of employees, number of R&D teams and so on. The following quantitative indicators can be used for simple distinction and selection:
Small-scale manufacturers: manufacturers with monthly production capacity less than 1 million and sales volume less than 100 million.
Medium-scale manufacturers: manufacturers with monthly production capacity of 1-3 million and sales volume of less than 300 million
Large-scale manufacturers: manufacturers with monthly capacity of 5-10 million and sales of less than 1 billion yuan

2. Customer selection method according to supplier's first three customers (Customer)
Generally, every power supply factory has its main customers. It is a straightforward way to inspect the future power adapter suppliers and evaluate their current main customers. If the main customer of this supplier is just like your industry, congratulations. This supplier should be able to match your products.

3. Technology selection by supplier's technical composition
Power product technology can be subdivided into many parts, and can be narrowed according to the technical characteristics of the products you choose, mainly considering several aspects:
The power range of the power supply, the power range of the different power supply, the power scheme chosen are different, so this point should be paid special attention to.
Power supply functions and unique technology, such as whether there is charging function, fast charging function, and other requirements such as lightning protection, product life requirements.

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