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Introduction of 36w Power Adapter

Introduction of 36w Power Adapter

36w power adapter is plug-in adapter. The input voltage is 100-240VAC, the output voltage is 5V-32V, the input current is 1.5A MAX, the output current is 0.01-5A, the output frequency is 36W MAX, and the output mode is DC cord. Plug types include medium gauge, American gauge, European gauge, Australian gauge and English gauge. They have functions of over current, over voltage, over load, short circuit protection, constant current and constant voltage.

Matters needing attention:

1.Generally speaking, power adapter is the integration of transformer and rectifier, which converts alternating current into direct current. When the adapter works, the transformer transforms and then converts to DC through the rectifier. There is a current loss here, and these losses will be converted into heat, so it is normal for the power adapter to heat up.

2.Transformers are made of silicon steel sheets. When the transformer is electrified, the magnetic flux will cause the force between the silicon steel sheets, and the buzz will occur. This is normal. But if it's very loud, it's not normal.

The main reasons for the loud noise are as follows:

1. The AC voltage is unstable.
2. Chip breakage;
3. Interturn short circuit;
4. Component damage.

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