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Introduction of 802.3af Standard

Introduction of 802.3af Standard

802.3af standard is a new international extended protocol standard for power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

The Power over Ethernet system is mainly composed of PTL, PSE and PD. The basic situation and performance of the system should include system composition, structure layout and working mode, PTL transmission performance, PSE load capacity, the number of PDs receiving power supply and the overall performance parameters of the power supply system. According to the overall performance requirements of the power supply system, the standard regulates the performance of the components of the power supply system, namely PTL and PSE, as well as the electrical equipment. Conversely, only when the performance of these components in the power supply system meets the requirements of the standard, the performance index of the power supply system can meet the overall performance requirements of the IEEE 802.3af standard.

Application of Technology

1. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephone
2. IEEE802.3af Standard Wireless LAN Access Point
3. Bluetooth Access Point
4. Network Camera
5. Intelligent tags/online Tags
6. Vending Machine
7. Game consoles
8. Audio-visual Jukebox
9. Information Retail Points
10. EPOS System
11. Building Access Control System
12. Attendance System
13. Mobile phones and PDA chargers
14. Electronic musical instruments

802.3af Standard POE Products:
IEEE 802.3af Compliant Single Port Gigabit PoE Injector
24W IEEE 802.3af Standard PoE Spliter
12W IEEE 802.3af Standard PoE Spliter
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