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Introduction of LED AC DC Power Supply

Introduction of LED AC DC Power Supply

Introduction of led ac dc power supply

A device that converts other forms of energy into electricity is called a power supply. Generators can convert mechanical and chemical energy into electrical energy, while dry batteries can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The battery itself is not charged. There are positive and negative charges at its two poles. The voltage is generated by positive and negative charges (the current is formed by the directional movement of charges under the action of voltage). The charge is a conducting ion widely existing in conductors. To generate the current, only the voltage is added.

When the two poles of the battery are connected to the conductor, the charge is released in order to generate current. When the charge is dissipated, the dry battery and other devices are called power supply; through transformers and rectifiers, the device that converts alternating current into direct current is called rectifier power supply. Electronic devices that provide signals are called signal sources.

Led ac dc power supply is a constant current source, and switching power supply is a constant voltage source. Working Principle: There are two requirements for the supply of power supply by LED. First, the output voltage > the on-line voltage of LED is required, and secondly, the working current is required to be stable and not greater than the rated current of LED. When the working current of the LED exceeds the rated current, the aging damage of the LED will occur quickly. Therefore, the power supply used by LED must have constant current function.

Application of led ac dc power supply

Led ac dc power supply is widely used in street lamp, tunnel lamp, LED floor tile, LED point light source, LED grid lamp, LED indoor lamp, LED ceiling lamp, building, bridge, square building facilities, lawn lamp, curtain wall lamp, LED wall lamp, LED plant lamp aquarium lamp, etc.

In the aspect of information plane display, there are LED display screen, display board, dynamic billboard, analog animation, stadium, indicator lamp in carriage and internal reading lamp, brake lamp outside car, tail lamp, steering lamp, side lamp, explosion-proof lamp, mine lamp in mining production, etc.

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