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Introduction of POE Separator

Introduction of POE Separator

Brief Introduction of poe separator

The poe separator is relative to the POE power supply. POE power supply is a combination of data signals and power, so POE power supply is also called POE combiner. The working process of poe separator is just the opposite, which separates data signal from power. If the data terminals such as IP Camera (IPC), Wireless AP, IP Phone support POE power supply by themselves, then the POE separator is not needed for wiring, and the power supply of the direct network line is enough.

POE is mainly used for PSE devices such as POE switch and POE power supply, but the devices connected to the lower end do not support POE occasions. POE separator separates power supply into data signal and power. There are two output lines, one is power output line, and the other is network data signal output line, that is, common network line. The power output has 5V/9/12V and so on. It can match all kinds of DC input non-POE receiving terminals and support the standard of 802.3af/802.3at. The data signal output line, i.e. the ordinary network line, can be directly connected to the network port of the non-POE receiving terminal.

Typical applications

POE separator and PSE power supply equipment can be used together to supply power for wireless AP, wireless router, IP camera, IP telephone and other network devices in the network environment without power cord or far from power socket. In many monitoring occasions, the best monitoring location may not be very convenient for the equipment to power. The emergence of POE separators facilitates devices that do not support POE power to integrate into POE network. Monitoring devices need not sacrifice the best installation location to take care of the distance of the socket.

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