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Know about 15W Power Adapter and Break the Lie of High-speed Charger

Know about 15W Power Adapter and Break the Lie of High-speed Charger

Nowadays many high-speed chargers claim that their devices can be charged in a few minutes. So is this really true? That's true, but what we should know is that we will find all the voltages are virtual in the actual use process. Because of this, once used for a period of time, we will clearly find the problem, that is, the charger charged electromagnetic completely can not be used for a long time. Obviously, this high-speed charger is a lie, and now let's talk about how this seemingly magical device works.

Advantages and disadvantages of high current charging

Now most of the power adapters we use on devices are 5V2A power adapters, so-called 2A power adapters, which can provide 2A current. But if we make minor improvements to the equipment, it will provide a larger current. In many cases, the current will not change with the load. According to such a principle, we can produce a high current charger, which will stimulate the internal circuit of our batteries and form a large amount of current when it works in practice. It's true that some of the electricity will be stored in the battery, but once the battery continues to work when we use it, the electricity will be quickly lost. In fact, this is why we see this charger can complete fast charging.

Similar chargers are harmful to batteries

Although all kinds of new energy are developing constantly, many batteries used in small equipment are chemical batteries. This chemical cell depends on the activity of the internal chemical elements. Once we let a large amount of current pass through it, it will lead to the change of some chemical elements, which will directly lead to the failure of some elements in the battery. If you charge a battery like this for a long time, it will be scrapped.
Shenzhen Fining Electronics has introduced 15W power adapter, which is energy-saving, environmental protection and safety. It has been devoted to the development and design of various types of power supply for ten years. Its unique low-power and high-efficiency power supply scheme has been recognized by customers and successfully put into use in the market. Shenzhen Fining Electronics will provide you with efficient and convenient services, and provide you with reasonable suggestions.
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