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LED Driver

LED Driver

LED is a semiconductor device with sensitive characteristics and negative temperature characteristics. Therefore, it needs to work stably and protect it in the application process, which gives rise to the concept of driving. The requirements of driving power supply for LED devices are almost harsh. Unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, LED can directly connect 220V AC power.

The driving characteristics of LED require constant current and low power consumption.
LED is driven by low voltage of 2-3 volts. It is necessary to design complex conversion circuit, LED lamps for different purposes, and different power adapters.

Foreign customers in the international market have very high requirements for efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current accuracy, power life and EMC of LED driver power supply. To design a good power supply, these factors must be considered comprehensively, because the power supply is as important as the human heart in the whole lamp.

When LED is used as display or other lighting equipment or backlight, it needs constant current drive. The main reasons are as follows:
1. Avoid driving current exceeding the maximum rating and affect its reliability.
2. Achieve the expected brightness requirements and ensure the consistency of brightness and chroma of each LED.
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