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36w power adapter appearance inspection procedure

36w power adapter appearance inspection procedure

Industry insiders said the 36w power adapter must meet the national mandatory standards, if there is a quality defect, it will cause damage to electronic equipment, seriously will even cause fire and other safety accidents. Previously, 56 products were spotted to check nationwide, with 34 products passing more than 90 percent of the tests, but three products still passed less than 80 percent of the tests. In the category of electronics and electrical appliances, 672 batches of products produced by 11 672 enterprises were inspected in the first half of the year, with a qualified rate of 87.6%, an increase of 8.3 percentage points over 2015. The quality problem of the power adapter is outstanding, and the qualified rate of product spot check is 77.2%. The security of 36w power adapter is also very important. This paper introduces the qualified appearance of the 36w power adapter.

36w power adapter appearance inspection generally has the following steps:
1. Appearance
1.1, surface
1.1.1. Check whether there are stains on the surface of the 36w power adapter.
1.1.2 whether there are cracks and other mechanical damages on the surface of the product.
1.1.3 whether the gap of the 36w power adapter is too large.
1.1.4 whether there is abnormal sound when tapping the product.
1.2. Tags
1.2.1 the product shall be affixed with the safety mark of electronic product certification and the registration and certification number.
1.2.2. The font of 36w power adapter label shall not contain wrong words, missing words, blurred words, watermarks or bubbles, etc.
1.2.3 the product label shall be firm and shall not be slanted.
1.2.4 labels shall be free from defects.
1.3 DC wire rod
1.3.1 length of DC wire conforms to the specification.
1.3.2 the color of the wire rod is consistent with the certified sample.
1.3.3. Whether there are stains, white glue or damage on the appearance of wire rod.
2. External dimensions
2.1. The external dimensions conform to product standards.
2.2. length and distance of pins and wires shall comply with product standards.
2.3. The position of 36w power adapter plug shall meet the requirements of product standards.

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