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6W power adapter manual check method

6W power adapter manual check method

Power adapter, also called external power supply, it is a small portable electronic device and electronic power supply transformer, it results from that in real life, electronic devices are usually cannot be used directly for household electricity which is 220 v power supply voltage, whereas the voltage of power supply and common electronic products generally require 5 v to 20 v. So the role of the power adapter is crucial, especially if you go to the United States and other countries whose voltage is different, so it needs to the transformer. The role of the power adapter is to convert the high voltage at home into a stable low voltage that works, allowing them to work properly. Without it, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to our daily use. With it, we can use these electronic products conveniently and safely.

Because power adapters are found everywhere in our daily life, their safety is very important. Through practice, we can understand the electronic components in the power adapter circuit, and understand the circuit structure, figuring out the basic working principle of the circuit, determining some key electricity during testing, obtaining some data of key points, providing a reference  for maintenance, and thus master the basic maintenance methods and steps.
There are three methods for manual inspection of 6W power adapter:

1. Static observation. Observe the distribution of components in the circuit and identify the characteristic components. Through the observation, determine the key detection points during the maintenance. Sometimes find some obviously damaged components, laying a good foundation for the repair as soon as possible.

2. Measure resistance. The connection mode of the circuit which is not easy to be seen can be made clear by using the resistance measurement method, and then the circuit structure can be made clear. At the same time, the resistance value of some key points to the ground can be mastered to provide reference data for future maintenance.

3. Measure the voltage. In the case of power up, do the voltage measurement of some key points, mastering the maintenance of the first-hand information. the voltage measurement method: pointer multimeter with dc voltage (according to the value of the specific object selected which gear) black watch pen grounding, red watch pen test point. Digital multimeter with dc voltage, black grounding, red pen test point.

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