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Current Situation of Power Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry

Current Situation of Power Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry

At present, the variety, quantity, performance and quality of environmental monitoring equipment in China are far from meeting the needs of practical work. Most of the monitoring stations in China have low technical content, single function, poor stability and reliability, which need to be updated urgently. Relevant experts believe that the production enterprises of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment will be divided into two directions. One is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise with international competitiveness, like Fining. The other is a group of highly specialized small and medium-sized enterprises, which are mainly good at a certain kind of technology or a certain product or service. Their characteristics are small scale, specialized personnel and rich experience. With the rapid development of a large number of production enterprises, the situation that only imported instruments are used in the field of environmental monitoring in China has been changed. At the same time, enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, design units, financial and market intermediaries realize communication and interaction, promoting the formation of large-scale production enterprises and large-scale market.

Problems in the Market of Environmental Monitoring Instruments in China

Most of the environmental monitoring instruments in our country are medium and low-grade products produced by small and medium-sized enterprises, with general technical level, few kinds of products, high failure rate and short service life, which makes the monitoring frequency low, sampling error large, monitoring data inaccurate, and can not reflect the status of sewage discharge in time. It not only affects the scientific decision-making of environmental management and the seriousness of law enforcement, but also easily frustrates the enthusiasm of enterprises to control pollution and protect the environment. For example, the on-line monitoring system of various pollution sources has not solved the measurement problems caused by high temperature, high humidity and high particulate matter content, and the on-line automatic monitoring system of smoke and dust is basically blank in China, which greatly limits the implementation of the total amount control system of smoke and dust.

The research and development ability is low, and the production capacity of online monitoring instrument system is low, which can not meet the needs of the market. High-quality analyzers, special monitoring instruments and automatic monitoring systems are mostly imported from abroad, so domestic instruments occupy a small share. Among the domestic instruments in our country, the share of air monitoring instruments is about 70%, and that of water quality monitoring instruments is about 60%. Most of these instruments are at the level of the 1980s and can not meet the actual needs. However, the instruments needed by sewage treatment plants are still imported. The R&D expenditure of large foreign enterprises generally accounts for 5-10% of the total sales of enterprises, and only 1% of the better enterprises in China, and the product life cycle is much larger than that of developed countries.

The management ability is poor, and the labor productivity is not high. What’s more the tendency of convergence is serious. For the reasons, some experts believe that are as follows.

Firstly, the operation mechanism of large state-owned enterprises has not played a good role as the backbone;
Secondly, small enterprises have flocked to the top, lacking technology, lack of funds, low-level repetition is more, the quality and performance of instruments can not compete with imported instruments abroad;
Thirdly, the lack of close cooperation mechanism between research institutes and enterprises, can not achieve rapid industrialization;
Fourthly, the government. The government's investment and venture capital in the development of environmental science instruments are insufficient.

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