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Difference between positive and non-positive 6w power adapter

Difference between positive and non-positive 6w power adapter

1: Raw material cost gap: the positive standard 6w power adapter is completely in accordance with the standard of safety regulations, capacitance capacity, safety devices, etc. It mostly uses the industry famous built-in IC, to ensure safety, pay attention to performance and to improve product life. Non-standard power adapter in the capacity of capacitance can be small, saving safety device province, using cheap IC. In this way, it can only guarantee the basic output voltage and current, and some even contain imaginary components. For example, 0.5a is written as 1A and1.5a is written as 2A, etc.

2: The manufacture and quality cost gap: to a large extent, ISO quality system can affect a product's the cost of production process and quality inspection process, such as the power adapter in the process of production, the degree of professional personnel, each of the original welding power source, will seriously affect the quality of a product. In the process of aging, whether all aging or not, aging time have a guarantee or not,  those are closely related to the quality of the product. The process of quality control, the proportion of testing, the skills of testing, and the testing instruments cannot be neglected.

3: After-sales cost: If there are problems with after-sales costs and products of benchmark enterprises in the industry, they will be reported in the news, while products of small enterprises and copycat enterprises are more likely to have problems, but few people pay attention to them. This is something we subconsciously set in stone because they are the benchmark and the product shouldn't have a big problem. If something goes wrong with a product bought by a big company, you can go to the warranty or other ways to get compensation, but no one will be responsible for the problem with a product bought by a copycat company.

6w power adapter
6W AC-DC Level VI Efficient Power Adapter With DC Cord
CE, designed acording to UL/eTL/FCC standards
L*W*H: 60.8*43.4*35.6mm 
Weight: 65g

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