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How to distinguish a wall plug in  adapter from a desktop power adapter?

How to distinguish a wall plug in adapter from a desktop power adapter?

The power adapter is divided into wall plug in adapter and desktop  power adapter. The wall plug in adapter is also called wall type power adapter. A wall-mounted power adapter is a power adapter that the body can plug directly into the board. The desktop power adapter is the power adapter that the ontology needs to put on the desktop. The difference between a desktop power adapter and a wall-mounted power adapter is that a desktop power adapter requires an AC cable to be connected to the mains.

The power adapter is widely used in security products, communication products, as well as small home appliance products, especially in consumer electronic products, portable consumer electronics, and communications products, generally in the majority with less than 10w, such as smartphones and tablets generally adopts 5-10w power adapter power supply. But computer peripheral, security products, small home appliances products generally adopt the following 36 w power adapter in the majority. Especially in today's energy advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, the power section of products are the most common, and products such as the laptop, TV generally use 120 w power adapter. However, the number of external power adapters is relatively small.

Generally, the use of wall plug in adapter is rare below 36W, and the characteristics of this power adapter are no need of  AC wire, so the cost is more economical, saving space. It is also safer to plug directly into the power board. A few power adapters below 36W are the desktop type. This is generally because the product is far from AC power board, or because the power adapter is large and heavy, or the power adapter has heavy hanging weight. For example, the multi-port USB power adapter, in order to avoid the use of the above plug USB products and lead to the case of plug instability, and more than 36W power adapter is not appropriate to make it into a wall type, because its volume and weight are larger, so the 36W above the general use of desktop type.

In the early days, we came into contact with a lot of linear power supply. For example, the power supply of repeater and the single player used in the last century was bulky and bulky. You may also encounter the awkward situation of falling from the board directly because the board is not stable. However, with the development of science and technology, as well as the increasingly tight energy and higher requirements for energy efficiency, consumer electronic products have high efficiency and wide input voltage range requirements for power adapters, as well as the increase in copper, iron and labor costs, these linear transformers are gradually replaced by switching power adapters.
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