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Suggestions for the Development of Power Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry

Suggestions for the Development of Power Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry

It is necessary to develop environmental monitoring instruments suitable for China's national conditions. Relevant experts believe that environmental monitoring instruments suited to China's national conditions should be inexpensive, low maintenance costs, and can be used in harsh conditions. Meanwhile, it is easy to maintain and operate, intelligent and has strong anti-interference ability. Some monitoring instruments with high intelligence, high stability and high precision are also the development trend of environmental protection instruments in China.

We should grasp the development trend of environmental monitoring instruments in China. Relevant experts believe that the development trend of environmental monitoring instruments in China is as follows:

1. At present, artificial sampling and laboratory analysis are the main direction of automation, intellectualization and network-based monitoring.
2. Develop from labor-intensive to technology-intensive.
3. From narrow field monitoring to omni-directional field monitoring.
4. From simple ground environmental monitoring to remote sensing environmental monitoring.
5. Environmental monitoring instruments will develop towards high quality, multi-function, integration, automation, systematization and intellectualization.
6. Environmental monitoring instruments are developing to the high-tech fields of integrated application of physics, chemistry, biology, electronics and optics.

We will increase scientific research investment in monitoring technologies urgently needed for environmental protection, and include the development of environmental monitoring technologies in key areas of environmental research. With the help of various supporting policies of the state, the industrialization and technological upgrading of environmental monitoring instruments will be promoted. At the same time, we will promote the integration of scientific research and production of monitoring instruments, encourage environmental monitoring instrument manufacturers, universities and scientific research institutions to adopt various ways to carry out technical cooperation, and accelerate the transformation of environmental monitoring technology achievements.

By means of market regulation and control, we will promote the recombination of environmental monitoring instrument production enterprises, and gradually change the situation of weak production technology, decentralized investment, low level repetition and low market competitiveness of monitoring instruments, so as to achieve moderate scale and intensive production, and form a number of key enterprises of monitoring instrument production. At the same time, the products should be adjusted from middle and low-grade to high-grade instruments and equipment to meet the needs of practical work.

With the help of high-tech reorganization, transformation and upgrading of the technical level and competitiveness of the environmental monitoring technology and instrumentation industry, the process of localization will be accelerated. It should be promoted to adopt the domestically-made monitoring equipment and equipment in the case of similar technical level. With the improvement of the technical level, the price of domestically produced instruments and equipment should be appropriately increased, and the profit margin will be increased to enable enterprises to have sufficient funds to improve the manufacturing level. For foreign countries with advanced sets of technology monitoring equipment, encourage the introduction, digestion, absorption of key foreign technologies, joint venture production, and then gradually achieve localization.

By increasing supervision and management of environmental monitoring instruments, we will establish and improve the marketization mechanism and qualification certification system for environmental automatic monitoring systems to eliminate the negative impact of operational market chaos. In addition, the development planning and technical policies of environmental monitoring instruments should be improved in a timely manner, the development direction of environmental monitoring instruments should be clarified, and the healthy development of environmental monitoring instruments should be guided and regulated to avoid blind obedience. What’s more, it is necessary to establish a group of technical intermediaries with good technical foundation and authority to test the technical level and quality of environmental monitoring instruments and make them known to the public. Implement an “access” system for environmental monitoring special instruments used for law enforcement monitoring.

To ensure the scientific, accurate and comparable environmental monitoring data, the development of environmental monitoring instrument standards should be strengthened, the environmental monitoring instrument standards should be incorporated into the environmental protection standard system, and the planning and coordination of environmental monitoring norms, environmental analysis and testing methods should be unified.

It is necessary to speed up the formulation of corresponding regulations for environmental monitoring work, and gradually establish regional automated network systems for environmental quality and pollution source monitoring in some large and medium-sized cities. By organizing the implementation of the demonstration project of environmental monitoring automation network construction, and then driving the formation of China's automated environmental monitoring network system, thereby expanding the market demand for environmental monitoring instruments and equipment.

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