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The difference between an original 6w adapter and a non-original adapter

The difference between an original 6w adapter and a non-original adapter

The original 6w power adapter is better in theory, but you may not feel the difference. Usually, the load allows a safe range of input voltages, such as 5% plus or minus nominal values. If the input voltage is too high or too low, it will cause the protective circuit to act and stop working. But before the protective circuit, the voltage stabilizing circuit has to work within the upper limit or lower limit. In principle, it has a certain influence on the device, but at the current point of view, the reliability of electronic components has been pretty good. As long as it is within the scope of design, there is rarely a problem and age is no shorter than the life of the original. The more important problem may be the data security of the device. The sudden automatic protection and stop working can be a terrible thing for the device, such as the laptop. For the original power supply, the manufacturer knows what kind of load to plug in, so it is easy to calculate the nominal voltage and current of the power supply.

The nominal voltage of the power supply shall meet the following two conditions: first, when the maximum current is output, the nominal voltage minus the voltage drop of the power supply itself shall be greater than 95% of the voltage required by the load. Second, when the minimum current is output, the design voltage minus the voltage drop of the source itself should be less than 105% of the voltage required by the load.

However, if a non-original 6w power adapter is used, such as a general-purpose transformer, the above problems cannot be seriously considered. In this case, users have to try their best to obtain compatibility from the power supply parameters. However, the internal resistance of each adapter is different, and the allowable error of the nominal voltage may be different, and the range of voltage variation under the nominal current output may be different.

If the relationship between the output power and the output voltage is not carefully measured, there is a certain risk in principle, but this risk is very small. Because as long as you choose a power source with a large enough nominal current, there will be no problem of excessive internal resistance, and the ripple coefficient can also be reduced by the voltage stability inside the book. Though the original 6w power adapter is indeed better than the non-original, it is usually fine to choose a non-original power supply with higher output current.

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