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The introduction of high power poe splitter

The introduction of high power poe splitter

  With the increasingly mature PoE power supply technology and wide application, the use of high power poe splitter is also increasing. In order to solve the power supply problem of some powered devices that do not support PoE power supply, such as network cameras and wireless routers, many companies in the market have launched high power poe splitter to provide power for those terminals that do not support PoE power supply. This article will introduce the high power poe splitter in detail.
  1.  what is a high power poe splitter?
  The high power poe splitter is mainly used to separate the power supply into data signal and power signal, and the power output line and network data signal line (ordinary network line) are respectively output to the network camera, wireless AP and other non-poe network terminals, which are just opposite to the PoE power supplier.
  2. Why is the high power poe splitter used?
  Reason 1: the project purchased terminal equipment without PoE, but wanted to use PoE to the network;
  Reason 2: considering the cost, the cost price of PoE network terminal equipment is much higher than that of non-poe terminal equipment plus PoE separator.
  3. How to select the high power poe splitter?
  1. Appearance: high-quality products from mature manufacturers must be beautiful in appearance, exquisite in material and well-made;
  2. Performance: excellent technical parameters of high power poe splitter support both PoE standard and ieee802.3af and ieee802.3at power supply standard; It has the functions of lightning protection, high voltage resistance, and surge resistance, and meets the requirements of industry level 4 electromagnetic compatibility.
  3. Inside: after unpacking the shell, you can see that the internal components of high-quality products are neatly arranged and the circuit design is smooth.
  4. Some common problems about power poe splitter:
  1. Why did the power poe splitter burn the webcam?
  If a  power poe splitter is opened, we can see that there is a transformer inside it. If the separator uses an uninsulated transformer, the transformer will be destroyed when it is hit by high voltage, thus damaging the camera.
  2. Why are the prices of power poe splitter so different?
The two most important components of power poe splitter are the transformer and PD chip. The price of these two chips determines the price of the splitter.

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