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Type of overheating protection for 36w power adapters

Type of overheating protection for 36w power adapters

It is inevitable that the power adapter will get hot, especially in summer. In fact, as long as the temperature of the adapter is in the design range, there is generally no danger. The adapter on the market, its general conversion efficiency can only achieve about 75-85%, and some energy loss happens during the conversion and the loss part is usually in the form of heat emitted. The greater the power of the adapter, the more it loses and the more heat it gives off. When the temperature of the 36w power adapter is too high, it will have overheating protection.

The type of overheating protection for 36w power adapters can be divided into the following categories: automatic, manual, non-renewable, non-reset, and various other types that provide equivalent overheating protection.

The heat source of the 36w power adapter is mainly Schottky rectifier diode, high-frequency switching transformer, power MOS tube and filter electrolytic capacitor, among which the temperature rise of power MOS tube, high-frequency transformer, and rectifier Schottky diode are more prominent. In order to prevent power adapter and from overheating, the process of designing the power adapter requires not only  good electronic components of high temperature tolerance, but also requires reasonable design, advanced production technology, and the need to overheating protection measures, such as printing PCB, heat sink, high frequency transformer to ensure safety.

In order to suppress the temperature rise of the 36w power adapter, in addition to selecting power MOS tube with small leakage current and short storage time, it is also necessary to install heat sink for power MOS tube. After installing heat sink into the MOS tube, the stability of 36w power adapter will be greatly improved and the loss rate will be significantly reduced. The function of the electronic switch overheating protection is to cut off the ac input line of the power adapter or force off the modulating pulse output and stop the high-frequency oscillation before the temperature of the components in the power adapter or the power supply housing is prone to exceed the specified limit value.

The temperature resistance and fire resistance of 36w power adapter are not only directly related to the reliability and service life of the power adapter, but also directly related to the risk of fire and the safety of the user's life and property.

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