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what is the normal temperature in the normal use of 24w power adapter?

what is the normal temperature in the normal use of 24w power adapter?

Whether it is a power adapter or a charger, the temperature rise of the power supply itself is a very important parameter index. Here we talk about the temperature of the power supply.  

First: 24w power adapter heating reason:
When the 24w power adapter conducts voltage conversion, part of the energy is lost. Except for a small part of the energy loss in the form of the wave, most of it is emitted in the form of heat. The greater the power of the power adapter, the more energy is lost and the greater the heat generated by the power supply.  

Second: what is the normal temperature in the normal use of 24w power adapter?
During the development phase of the 24w power adapter, various parameter performance tests are performed. Temperature is one of them. In general, the surface of the 24w power adapter will control within 30-35 ℃ temperature. As is known to all, the power adapter is used indoors. The indoor temperature generally will not exceed 40 ℃ and the normal temperature is around 25 ℃. So even if the top 40 ℃, power adapter shell temperature is within 75 ℃. Shell heat resistance is at 100 ℃, and the nameplate stickers heat resistance is at about 80 ℃. So 75 ℃ is almost the limit value. In fact, as long as the temperature of the 24w power adapter is in the design range, there is generally no danger.

Third: 24w power adapter heat solution
The heating of the 24w power adapter is inevitable, but it can speed up the heat dissipation and prevent the continuous rise of its temperature.
1. When using in a hot environment, keep the power adapter away from direct sunlight and ventilated;
2. To create a good cooling environment, place the power adapter in a position free from sunlight and ventilated.

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