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Overview of Power Injector for POE

Overview of Power Injector for POE

Power injector for POE, also known as PoE power supply, is the PSE terminal equipment in PoE power supply system. There are two kinds of PSE devices, one is power switch for ethernet, the other is power supply for ethernet. The Ethernet power switch is used for Endpoint and the Ethernet power supply is used for Midspan. Power injector for POE is also called POE combiner, POE injector.

Poe power supply refers to the equipment that can provide network power for remote receiving terminals (such as wireless AP, network camera, etc.) through the network cable. It is a common power supply equipment in PoE power supply system. The output power of the port is 15.4W-30W, which meets the IEEE802.3af/802.3at standard. It provides power to standard POE terminal devices by means of network power supply, eliminating additional power wiring. POE switches conforming to IEEE802.3at standard have a port output power of 30W. POE power supply not only can realize the data transmission function of ordinary switches, but also can supply power to network terminals at the same time. PoE power supply is very similar to POE switch in appearance, but there are differences between PoE power supply and PoE switch. The half port of PoE power supply receives the input of data signal from the upper switch. After internal processing, the data signal and power are mixed and output from the other half port.

A complete power injector for POE includes two parts: PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) and PD (Power Device). PoE power supply is one of the PSE devices. The PSE device is a device that supplies power for the client devices of the ethernet, and is also the manager of the whole power supply process of the POE ethernet. And the PD device is the client of the POE system, which receives the PSE load from the power supply. PoE power supply has many port types, including single port PoE power supply, 4 port PoE power supply, 8 port PoE power supply, 16 port PoE power supply and 24 port PoE power supply.

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