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Power Injector

Power Injector

Power injector, also known as plug in POE injector, inserts power injector, etc. Power injector provides an alternative to local power supply, multi-port POE power switch and multi-port power distribution board to increase the flexibility of WLAN access point deployment. The power injector usually uses external power supply to provide DC power supply and sends it to the access point (AP) together with the data signal. The power injector provides up to 30W power to unused wires in super-five cables, providing sufficient power supply to 328 feet (100 meters) away.

Class 5 Ethernet cables connect one end of the power injector to the Ethernet switch (hub or network), and the other Ethernet cable carries power and data to the Ethernet port of the access point or bridge. A power supply inserted into the power injector is connected to a wall socket or power row.

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