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PoE Spliter
PoE Spliter

PoE Spliter

FINING Electronics's PoE splitters split the simultaneous transmission of data and power into two separate outputs. PoE splitters offer the inverse functionality of PoE injectors. Our 802.3af/at splitters offer different data rate options and interfaces to help network administrators complete their deployment with the right unit. What is a PoE Splitter?

What is a PoE splitter?

The PoE splitter is a PD powered device that separates PoE signal shares and sends them to non-PoE network interrupts such as network cameras and wireless APs to form a PoE powered device (PoE splitter + network camera = PoE network camera).

Why use a PoE splitter?

Reason one: The project has purchased a camera without a PoE network, but wants to use PoE to network;
Reason 2: Cost considerations, the price of the PoE network camera is far greater than the price of the PoE splitter on the network camera set.

Why is the PoE splitter easy to burn out the webcam?

Separators that are generally susceptible to burnout do not have an isolation transformer. It is necessary to know that the working principle of the isolation transformer is to couple the PoE input 48V voltage to the other end to output 12V through electromagnetic induction. There is no physical contact between 48V and 12V, so when the line receives high voltage shock, the voltage It will cause damage to the PoE module along the line, and gradually break down the PD chip and the PWM control chip. When the voltage hits the isolation transformer, since the isolation transformer is 48V to 12V, it is coupled to the other end through electromagnetic induction. Physical contact, so the voltage shock is blocked and the camera can be protected from burnout.

However, the non-isolated transformer uses the duty cycle to control through the PWM chip. There is physical contact between 48V and 12V. Therefore, when the lightning strikes the PWM chip, the transformer will be destroyed along the circuit, and the network camera will be seized.

Why are some splitters only compatible with specific PSE powered devices?

PD is resisted: The main function is to perform protocol handshake with the PSE power supply, protocol PoE voltage and power supply process, which determines the compatibility and matching degree of the PoE camera.
The standard PD chip implements PoE power supply: Before the PoE link is established, the standard PSE power supply device sends a signal to the PD, and the PD gives feedback. The two parties supply power to the PD, and the PSE transmits power to the PD terminal to complete the power supply. Since the default driving voltage of the PD chip is 48V, that is, even a non-48V power supply device can drive the PD to work.

How to choose a PoE splitter?

1. Look at the appearance: the appearance of the appearance is not necessarily good, but the components with poor appearance are generally not good;
2. See performance: The main technical parameters of high-quality PoE splitter support IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at power supply standard while supporting PoE standard. The power supply mode supports 12/36 pin power supply and 45/78 pin power supply. Isolated design. These conditions must be accompanied by a standard PoE separator to ensure product stability;
3. Look inside: Take a look at whether the components are placed properly, whether the design is smooth, the excellent internal design of the product will give people a pleasing feeling, and there should be no protection device, and the internal design of the poor product is chaotic. The materials are simple