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Power Adapter
Power Adapter

Power Adapter

FINING is the power adapter, switching power supply and PoE products manufacturer in Shenzhen. FINING Electronics offers a comprehensive range of power adapters to respectable clients. The output  power of FINING's power adapters ranges from 0.3W to 220W. The output voltage is wide, which can change from 1.5V to 56V. These power adapters offered by us are known for their high-frequency technology, compact design, and low maintenance. The housing of the adapter includes wall plug-in type and desktop type for your choice. Surely you can never worry about the safety problems, since all the FINING's products have protection of over current, over voltage and short circuit, all of our products passed international quality approvals like UL, FCC, etL, CB, CE, GS, certificates and meet energy efficiency VI. And they also are up to the newest safety standard of IEC62368, IEC60950, IEC61558 and IEC60335 etc. In addition to this, the offered range is applicable in different areas such as consumer electronic devices, telecommunication devices, office facilities, industrial equipments. Carrying full safety agency approvals, the power adapter afford to meet your requirements. It is available in different customized specifications and forms as per the diverse requirements of valued clients etc. You will also find FINING's adapter in Automotive starters and Water Pump products and many other machines and equipment.

Generally, plug-in power adapters are usually used below 36W. The characteristics of this kind of power adapter are that AC wires are not needed, which saves cost and space, and does not need the space for the table goods of the discharge power supply. It is safe to plug directly into the plug-in board.

Desktop power adapter, factory-produced, with PSE, UL, CUL, FCC, CB, CE, LVD, EMC, GS, SAA, C-Tick, RCM, KC, CCC and other global certification. It complies with the five latest safety standards of IEC62368, IEC60950, IEC61558, IEC60335 and IEC60065.

The Overview of Power Adapter

Power adapters are divided into plug-in power adapter and desktop power adapter, plug-in power adapter is also known as wall-mounted power adapter. In fact, it can be simply explained that plug-in wall power adapter is the power adapter that the body can plug directly into the plugboard. The desktop power adapter is the power adapter that the ontology needs to be placed on the desktop. The difference between desktop power adapter and plug-in power adapter is that desktop power adapter needs AC line to connect with city power.

The Application of Power Adapter

Power adapter is widely used in security products, communication products, small household appliances and consumer electronics products, especially in portable consumer electronics and communication products, generally less than 10W. Smart phones and tablets are generally powered by 5-10W power adapters. The computer's accessories, security products and small household appliances generally use power adapters below 36W, especially in today's energy-intensive advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection. This power section is the most common product. And notebook, TV and other products generally use power adapters below 120W. More than 100W uses built-in power supply. But there are also 200 W or less using external power adapters, but the number is relatively small.

FINING ELECTRONICS dedicates to  providing higly safe and reliable customized power supply products for customers all over the world. We are engaged in offering our clients a secure and reliable service. Looking ahead, Fining will continually adopt new technology, deepen understanding with industry, expand existence in emerging segment market, provide more valueable services to customers. If you have the inquiry of power adapters, don't hesaitate to contact us at adam@szfining.com. We will reply you in 24h. Thank you very much again to be interested in our products,we would like to establish business with you.