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Wall Power Adapter
Wall Power Adapter

Wall Power Adapter

Generally, plug-in power adapters are usually used below 36W. The characteristics of this kind of power adapter are that AC wires are not needed, which saves cost and space, and does not need the space for the table goods of the discharge power supply. It is safe to plug directly into the plug-in board.

The Application of Power Adapter

A few power adapters below 36W adopt desktop type, which is generally due to considering that the product is far away from the AC plug-in board or because of the power supply. For example, multi-port USB power adapters, in order to avoid the instability caused by the use of more USB products plugged in above, are not suitable for plug-in wall type power adapters larger than 36W. Because of their larger size and weight, desktop type is generally adopted for over 36W power adapters.

In the early years, the most we touched was the linear power supply, such as the repeater and the single-player used in the last century, whose power supply is bulky and bulky, and may also encounter the embarrassment of falling directly from the plugboard because of insertion instability. However, with the development of science and technology, energy is becoming more and more tense and energy efficiency requirements are higher and higher. Consumer electronic products have high efficiency and wide input voltage range requirements for power adapters. However, with the increase of copper, iron and human costs, linear transformers are gradually replaced by switching power adapters.