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Why We Choose to Use PoE?

Why We Choose to Use PoE?

Specifying Power over Ethernet brings many advantages to an installation:

  • Save Time and cost-by reducing the time and cost of installing power cables. Network cables do not require a qualified electrician to install them, and can be located anywhere.
  • Flexibility-no need to connect the power outlet, IP camera and wireless access point devices can be placed in the most needed place, if needed, can easily reposition.
  • Secure-PoE delivery is intelligent and designed to protect network devices from overload, strong or incorrect installation.
  • Reliability-the PoE power comes from a central and universally compatible source, rather than a collection of distributed wall adapters. It can be backed up via uninterruptible power supply, or it can be easily disabled or reset by control.
  • Scalability-having power available on the network means the installation and distribution of network connections is simple and efficient.
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