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Some Matters needing Attention in the Design of Multi-output Switching Power Supply

Some Matters needing Attention in the Design of Multi-output Switching Power Supply

If you are going to design a multi-channel power supply to power the system, such as a quad output switching power supply, what should you pay attention to?

Multi-output switching power supply is an effective way to reduce the cost of power supply and simplify the structure of power supply. When using multi-output power supply, appropriate selection or adjustment should be made according to the characteristics of power supply and load, and the multi-output switching power supply should be used correctly.

When building a system, different functional units may require different operating voltages (e.g., 24V for relays and 5V or 3.3V for MCUs). Electrical isolation is also required between different functional units (for example, sensor modules and processor units). Do you have a separate isolated power supply for each unit? If a multi-output switching power supply is selected to supply power to the system, the circuit structure will be simplified and the cost will be lower. Commonly used output voltages in electronic systems are: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 24V, -5V, -12V and-24V. There are many products of these voltage combinations on the market, even if not, you can customize the products you need.

2. Points for Attention in the Application of Multi-output Switching Power Supply
1). Carefully evaluate the voltage and power range required for each circuit of the system, not only the maximum power, but also the minimum power. In this way, when you choose multi-output switching power supply, you can accurately evaluate the fluctuation range of each output voltage, so as to avoid too low or too high output, resulting in abnormal operation of the system.

2). Fully evaluate the power consumption of each circuit of the system, and after getting the power sample, it must also be tested and verified on the computer.

3). In general, each load should not be less than 10% Io. If the actual minimum power of the system is less than 10% Io, it is recommended to add false loads.

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