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The Past and Future of Ethernet in the Field of Automation

The Past and Future of Ethernet in the Field of Automation

Ethernet started decades ago, and this technology has fostered a strong group of Ethernet suppliers, which has led to a rapid development of the product ecosystem. With the improvement of the performance of Ethernet, the combination of speed and maturity makes it more and more possible for Ethernet to replace the protocol developed for serial interface.

Take the development of controllers and switches for supporting Ethernet-based automation systems as an example. Today's chips can be modified through real-time operating systems to support deterministic processing.

Through these products, we can see the role of industrial Ethernet in modern manufacturing factories. It can optimize the cycle response time and prevent unnecessary disconnection failure. As an additional advantage, vendors and standards bodies in the Ethernet field provide sustained support to address challenges through automated solutions.

The bandwidth of both Ethernet and wireless networks exceeds that of most private automation networks, and their sustainable development depends largely on the existing standardization organizations and a large group of POE suppliers. Specifically, Ethernet has demonstrated a powerful ability to reliably transmit the correct data to the right place at the right time. The POE suppliers use wireless instruments extensively to solve various business challenges, such as improving process performance, reliability and efficiency, meeting the requirements of government directives and so on.

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